A note on mineral jar sizes ...
Mountain Minerals products that are available in jars come in the following sizes and content weights: Small = (5g) & 2g net, Medium = (10g) and 4g net, Large = (20g) & 8g net & Extra large = (30g) & 10g net. Jars are filled to the top by volume and therefore customers are getting more mineral for their money!

Please note: the NEW shipment jars are larger than the previous 10g vol. jars, which means more minerals & for the same price!

Truth in Labelling Pledge MOUNTAIN MINERALS MAKEUP IS COMMITTED TO NOT USING PALM OIL IN ITS FORMULAS - Please read this important notice

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Special offers

Purchase any product over $50.00 from the website and receive a small 5g vol. jar (2g net) of any mineral of choice on the website... FREE!
Please mention your choice of mineral when checking out.
*Does not include foundations from the Delux range.