A note on mineral jar sizes ...
Mountain Minerals products that are available in jars come in the following sizes and content weights: Small = (5g) & 2g net, Medium = (10g) and 4g net, Large = (20g) & 8g net & Extra large = (30g) & 10g net. Jars are filled to the top by volume and therefore customers are getting more mineral for their money!

Please note: the NEW shipment jars are larger than the previous 10g vol. jars, which means more minerals & for the same price!

Truth in Labelling Pledge MOUNTAIN MINERALS MAKEUP IS COMMITTED TO NOT USING PALM OIL IN ITS FORMULAS - Please read this important notice

Terms of Use

Mountain Mineral Makeup ingredients are extremely unlikely to cause an adverse reaction. with no known irritants and with virtually no risk. If however you do experience an allergic reaction cease use straight away. Even ‘natural ‘ products can have an affect on people who are particularly sensitive. Do not purchase this product if you have any concerns, or alternatively speak to Mountain Mineral Makeup either by phone or email and enquire about their product first.

Mountain Mineral Makeup is not responsible for any individual reaction to any particular ingredient; please read the ingredient list before purchase or use.

Mountain Mineral Makeup is not the manufacturer of Eye Gels, Lipsticks or Mascaras. However these products have all been approved for cosmetic use using only natural ingredients by the companies who sell these products . Mountain Mineral Makeup will not be responsible for any adverse affects from these products and the purchase of these products is done so at your own risk.

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Mountain Mineral Makeup cannot guarantee, in every circumstance, the security of the personal information you provide on the Site.

If you agree to the The ‘Terms & Conditions of Use’ , you must also agree not to ‘gift’ or ‘resell’ this product/s without a “Terms & Conditions of Use ’being accompanied with the product/s as we will not be responsible for any claim made against Mountain Mineral Makeup.
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REFUNDS/RETURNS Due to the nature of the product and the Health and Safety requirements, there are no returns on these items. We cannot guarantee the purity of our products once sold and they cannot be re-sold We do not refund for the subtle and unavoidable variations in colour that sometimes may occur between the batches with natural products. If you are unsure of your colour compatibility please contact us for the purchase of samples and test product before use as refunds will not be given for a wrong choice.

Refunds will only be given on faulty or damaged goods. Please contact us within 24hrs. Postage and delivery costs are not refundable and an additional postage fee will be charged for all exchanges including damaged goods. All goods to be exchanged must be returned as new in unused,undamaged and original packaging. Mountain Mineral are not responsible for any loss or damage attributed to Australia Post or Courier deliveries.

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CANCELLATION OF ORDERS: If you cancel your online paid order, you will be charged a $10.00 cancellation fee. Cancellation of orders need to be made via phone or email as soon as possible before the order is sent. We cannot replace or add to your order once your order is placed after a 24hr period from the time of the order. Please make sure you are happy with your order before purchasing.

Should Mountain Minerals suffer any damage or other losses as a result of a transaction entered into by a minor, Mountain Minerals reserves the right to seek compensation for such losses from the parents or guardians of the minor who caused any order(s) to be placed with Mountain Minerals.

OUT OF STOCK ITEMS: We try very hard not to have items out of stock, however delivery of some items may be due to postal problems or suppliers of our ingredients not being able to fulfill our orders. We are more than happy to ‘back order’ these items for you and advise you of their arrival.

MISSUE OF OUR WEBSITE: We reserve the right to cancel any persons subscription which has been deemed to be a threat to this website. Your honest reviews are important to us to help us keep up to date with what our customers like and do not like about our products and reviews will never be edited or removed unless they contain defamatory matter, obscene language or a clear intent to not use the review option for the purpose for which it was intended.

OUR MISSION STATEMENT: To make a beautiful, natural and safe cosmetic product to suit all ages, at an affordable price, and with 100% customer service in mind. To educate woman and girls to read ingredients on labels before subjecting their skins to toxic materials which may have an adverse affect on their skins or health in future years. To remain a family oriented business who works hard to achieve its aims.


Special offers

Purchase any product over $50.00 from the website and receive a small 5g vol. jar (2g net) of any mineral of choice on the website... FREE!
Please mention your choice of mineral when checking out.
*Does not include foundations from the Delux range.