A note on mineral jar sizes ...
Mountain Minerals products that are available in jars come in the following sizes and content weights: Small = (5g) & 2g net, Medium = (10g) and 4g net, Large = (20g) & 8g net & Extra large = (30g) & 10g net. Jars are filled to the top by volume and therefore customers are getting more mineral for their money!

Please note: the NEW shipment jars are larger than the previous 10g vol. jars, which means more minerals & for the same price!

Truth in Labelling Pledge MOUNTAIN MINERALS MAKEUP IS COMMITTED TO NOT USING PALM OIL IN ITS FORMULAS - Please read this important notice

Our Ingredients

One of the things we try to do at our mineral parties, is explain to women, men and girls, the importance of finding out what you are putting on your skin which is the largest organ in the body and absorbs 60% of what you put on it!

Even the most natural of products can have a reaction to people with sensitive skins. The idea is to find what works for you, whilst at the same time taking steps to eliminate as many toxic ingredients as possible.

Those that know me, know I would be the first in line to eliminate any ingredient that was harmful, animal tested, or derived from palm oil plantations affecting the Orangutans.. For two years this has held me back from extending my range to pressed minerals.  Relying on so called 'Facts' from the internet and in particular reading the Environmental Workers Group' or EWG, left me in Limbo. Finally, I took the decision to investigate myself  with a chemist and  I have been both enlightened and happy to now sort the facts from fiction.  As I already make all the loose mineral range, I searched for a supplier for the pressed range and it took many months to find one who would agree to my criteria of not using animal based products and replacing with vegetable alternatives.  The Coconut Oil is not from a plantation, (there are millions of coconut trees around the world!) and the company is registered with the 'Bunny' Logo for no animal testing.

MM will ALWAYS list their ingredients, it is up to you the consumer to read them and make your own decision as to whether they are right for you. All the following ingredients have been approved for cosmetic safety and in most cases are so miniscule as to not be worth a mention other than by law, all ingredients must be listed.  Further information can also be found on every ingredient on Cosmetics Info .


Acacia Gum - from Acacia tree

Cerifera (Natural Vit. E)

Fractioned Coconut Oil -From Coconuts not from palm plantations

Grapefruit Extract

Lavender Flower Extract

Lysine - An Essential fatty acid (derived from plants)...Lauroyl lysine is also used as a preservative for its anti-microbial activity.

Rosemary Leaf Extract

Thyme Extract

Tocopherols: are lipid soluble anti-oxidants that protect cell membranes from oxidative damage. Vit. E in the generic sense found in many foods like Breakfast Cerals, Spinach,Nuts etc.,

Mica: (Foundations/Blush/Eyeshadows/Finishing Powders/Bronzers/Lipsticks)comes in various luminosities, ranging from totally matte to highly shimmery, this ingredient can come completely translucent. If you have a product that is mainly mica, don’t expect it to cover blemishes like It will when blended with Titanium Dioxide.The silky, creamy feel of mica is really luxurious and in good minerals will make up at least 50% of the total product. If your mineral is chalky or thick then you can rest assured that Mica was definitely not one of the main ingredients!

Rice Powder: (In some Foundations/Eyeshadows/Blush/Bronzers) Rice powder is a GREAT oil absorber, the Japanese found this out a long time ago, it is NOT a talc.

Serecite Mica: (Foundations/Blush/Bronzers/Eye) Serecite mica is one of my favourites to use. It reflects light and reduces the appearance of enlarged pores and fine lines. It is translucent and offers medium adhesion to your mineral makeup.

Titanium Dioxide: (All products except mascara) This is a major ingredient in many mineral makeups. It offers sun protection, reflects light ,has high coverage, and helps adhere makeup to your skin. This is the ingredient that offers SPF protection of 12-25 blocking out UVA and UBA.

Zinc Oxide: (all products except Lipsticks) Another major ingredient in mineral makeup. It also offers sun protection. Zinc oxide can calm irritated skin and helps with certain skin conditions such as acne and rosacea. You'll get high coverage and adhesion with this in your mineral makeup.



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