A note on mineral jar sizes ...
Mountain Minerals products that are available in jars come in the following sizes and content weights: Small = (5g) & 2g net, Medium = (10g) and 4g net, Large = (20g) & 8g net & Extra large = (30g) & 10g net. Jars are filled to the top by volume and therefore customers are getting more mineral for their money!

Please note: the NEW shipment jars are larger than the previous 10g vol. jars, which means more minerals & for the same price!

Truth in Labelling Pledge MOUNTAIN MINERALS MAKEUP IS COMMITTED TO NOT USING PALM OIL IN ITS FORMULAS - Please read this important notice

Gift Certificate (starting from $30)


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If you want the certificate mailed to another person, please make sure you specify all the details in the space at the bottom of the checkout page.

If you are NOT sure of how to go about it, please email or call ...

IMPORTANT: If you are ordering ONLY one or more gift certificates, please make sure at CHECKOUT that you select "Certificates only" in the section marked "Calculate shipping cost" - otherwise you may be charged normal small package postage.

Price: $30.00

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Special offers

Purchase any product over $50.00 from the website and receive a small 5g vol. jar (2g net) of any mineral of choice on the website... FREE!
Please mention your choice of mineral when checking out.
*Does not include foundations from the Delux range.