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Beautiful Bride - Tips and Techniques


(Tips & Techiques)

We are heading into the 'Bridal Season'.. Have you been told you cannot wear Mineral Makeup
because it reflects the light?

As you are probably all aware I am NOT a Makeup Artist. However, I have applied mineral makeup to hundreds of girls over the years at our MM Mineral Parties and have learnt many tips and tricks when applying Mineral Makeup.

To make sure my advice is technically correct, I have searched the internet and compiled below a list of 'Tips & Tricks' to help the Bride feel confident that she looks her best on the day.

More importantly, 'Your photographer', is going to be your best friend on the day(apart from your beloved of course), a good photographer will never tell you that mineral makeup cannot be photographed perfectly
because it 'reflects' the light. For your perfect application ...

1. ALWAYS..use a moisturiser first to help with the adhesion of your mineral makeup.
2. At your makeup trial, if you are wearing WHITE on the day, wear something white for your trial, or a white towel.
3. Use the tips below depending on what time of day your wedding occurs.

Pick a mineral colour identical to your skin colour.
Pick a mineral colour a shade lighter(Highlighter)
Pick a mineral colour a shade darker(Contour)

Imagine your face is an oval shape in the middle which goes from the tip of your forehead toyour chin, and in width from eyesocket to eyesocket.
Apply your identical colour all over face.
Apply your highlighter colour inside your Oval ie: Forehead, under eyes, top of cheekbone and tip of chin.
Apply your Contour colour to areas outside of the Oval above. ie; Along hairline, sides of cheeks down to jaw.

Finish with a Finishing Powder or translucent powder.
If you want a more dramatic appearance for eg: Photo shoot or stage, then choose a more dramatic contrast between the 3 shades and thoroughly blend, blend, and blend the shades together.

(The time of day correlates to how your makeup should be worn)

MORNING BRIDE: Has a lot of Natural light. 'Less is More' as the photographer will probably have a light 'blue hue' in his photos. What kind of light a photographer has to work with is essential to how your photo's come out. Matte Mineral Foundation is a good choice for this time of day or a mineral with a light sheen or dewiness to it which fits perfectly with the light soft light in a morning. Lips should always look a little darker than normal to avoid a pale lip colour looking 'washed out'. If you have ivory or pale skin you will CONTOUR more than you will highlight. If you have tanned skin, you will HIGHLIGHT more than you contour.

MIDDAY BRIDES: The sun is directly overhead which can be harsh and cast shadows. If you have deep set eyes, midday weddings can make them look like 'black holes' if you dont blend your makeup to perfection. Stick to a matte finish, matte blush. The highlighter shade for the eyes should be a shimmer but the mid tone should be a matte colour.

LATE AFTERNOON BRIDES: The BEST TIME OF DAY!The sun is setting casting a beautiful golden light on everything, photo's come out the best and a bride can wear more makeup if preferred especially if she needs to cover flaws without worrying she is 'overdone.
Wear slightly more blush than normal and a bronzer to add a warm soft glow to the skin.

EVENING BRIDE: This bride can really 'slap it on' ... make sure your eyes,lips and cheeks are well defined as photo's will probably all be in 'flash', to avoid a washed out look under the flash, choose eye colours with shimmer but not frosted, use false eyelashes anytime of the day as a bride.

Rule of thumb: Bridesmaids should NEVER be more made up than the bride herself!

THE PERFECT FINISH WITH A SPRITZ! If you prefer a more matte finish, spritz your face until moist after you have applied your mineral foundation. Then with a beauty sponge (Try our non-latex) PRESS & ROLL with the sponge all over the face, it will not look powdery but becomes one with the skin.

FINAL TIP: for that special KISS with the groom, both wet your lips first with your tongue to avoid your lipstick landing on the groom in the church. it works!


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